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We pride ourselves on paying attention to our client’s personal needs during our one-to-one massage sessions, we listen to your demands and then use our expert skills to help alleviate minor symptoms, aches and pains, headaches, migraines, repetitive strain and stress related symptoms common today.  You will feel better, look better, work better and have less sick days when you make the conscious decision to look after your most important asset, you!

Office Home Event Options.

  • 4 hour booking £160
  • 5 hour booking £200
  • 6 hour booking £240

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Our best rate.

7 hour booking £210

  • Only £5 per head!

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  • 1 hour booking £80
  • 2 hour booking £100
  • 3 hour booking £120

Have as long as you want!

Who we are.

We are an established network of professional multi-skilled, dedicated, experienced and insured mobile Massage Therapists who cover London and most towns and cities in the UK.  Formed in 1999, we are a corporate and event massage company that focuses on what its good at, giving great massages!  One-off, regular office, home or event massage.  With arguably some of  the best Massage Therapists around who happily maintain our large client base, we keep our standards high and our rates low.  

Upper body problems are the number one cause for sick days in the UK:
Page: Latest Offical UK Sickness Statistics

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We cover London and most towns and cities in the UK

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