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Hands-Arms and/or Foot Massages with relaxing or invigorating aromatherapy essential oils combined with massage can  recharge or calm anxiety  and tension which may be present for the task ahead. Popular addition to Onsite Massage at Wellbeing Days, Chill Out rooms, parties and special events.

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Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Swedish, Thai or Sports Massage.

Releases muscular tension, reduces stress, the practitioner supports you through stretches and breathing techniques (Thai) strengthens joints and improves flexibility. Point manipulation (Shiatsu) reduces pain, stiffness in muscles and reduces inflammation and pain around joints. Common problems treated are: anxiety, back pain, depression, frozen shoulder, headaches, insomnia, upper body repetitive movement conditions, painful neck, sciatica, sports injuries, tension,  migraines, sinusitis, tension, tiredness.


The ancient art of healing by applying pressure to the thousands of nerve endings in the feet.  Its believed the nerves travel along a pathway from the feet throughout the whole body and therefore stimulating the nerve ending in the feet brings about a deep relaxation as the action calms the body’s Central Nervous System thus  bringing about a deep sense of relief  which in turn often produces deeper sleep and a period of well being in what can be for some a time for renewing energy  which in turn can help the body in healing existing minor conditions.


OSM is a combination of different massage styles comprising of mainly Shiatsu (Acupressure) and Swedish or Chinese massage styles working on the Meridian (Acupressure) points and  principles of natural life force energy (Chi or Qi).  Its carried out fully clothed on an ergonomically designed chair (or without special chair). OSM deeply relaxes mind, body and spirit leaving you refreshed and energised. OSM can also refer to other massage styles carried out at your premises .


Indian Head Massage s based on ancient Ayurvedic healing practised by Indian women for over a thousand years to keep their hair healthy. IHM increases circulation/blood flow helping to delay premature balding and alleviating many ailments such as migraines, headaches, sinus problems, eyestrain, tiredness, muscle stiffness (neck/shoulders/arms), fatigue, low energy, and help to balance hormones.

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